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Design Consultancy
Architectural Works
Pre-Design Stage
Objective discussion with the prospective client and establish  
  • Project goals and objectives
  • Scope of Works
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Client’s specific requirements
  • Any other restriction / limitation
During this stage, planning and determination of the space  utilization, energy efficiency, environmental impact, etc. are carried  out based on the Client’s requirements.
A Design brief, therefore, prepared and submitted to the Client will include the following:-
  • Design Objectives
  • Space Allocation &  General Area statement
  • Structural & MEP design theme
  • Specialist sub consultant’s involvement, if any
  • Preliminary Budget Estimation (prepared by the Quantity Surveyor)
Design Stage

  • (A) Concept  Design :
Based on the Design brief approved by the Client, Conceptual Designs are developed, comprising
  • Sketches
  • Basic Floor layouts & Elevations
  • External Rendering
  • Preliminary selection of building systems and materials
  • Preliminary Budget Estimate (Revised)
With a combination of artistic sketches, traditional drawings and  3D Design tools the Client shall be able to visualize the design  concept.
The various designs are reviewed to highlight the advantages and  disadvantages of each in terms of appearance, space allocation &  functionality, Safety & security measures as designed, construction  method, building materials, etc. The Approved Concept Design is then  taken forward to Preliminary Design stage.
  • (B) Preliminary Design:
  • Develop the approved Concept design taking into account the  Client’s design review comments and recommendations, including  requirements of the concerned Statutory Authorities.
  • Hold technical meetings / discussions with relevant authority and departments.
  • Organize site survey, plot demarcation, soil investigation with Client appointed Contractor.
  • Prepare Preliminary Architectural Plans, elevations, sections,  area calculations, parking requirements, Site setting out drawings.
  • Evaluate various Structural, Architectural & MEP system with recommendations of proposed options.
  • Submit all required documents and drawings in order to obtain Preliminary approval from concerned Authorities.
  • Assist the Quantity Surveyor in preparing a cost Preliminary estimation of the project.
  • (C) Detail Design:
  • Develop the approved Preliminary design taking into account the  Client’s design review comments and recommendations, including  requirements by Statutory Authorities.
  • Prepare detailed Architectural, Structural and MEP Design drawings, Partial Layout plans in suitable scale.
  • Prepare approximate drawings to illustrate further details intended  for common areas, exteriors, interior elements of the Architecture.
  • Illustrate construction materials, fixtures, surface finishes, lighting fixtures etc.
  • Participate in discussion / meeting with concerned authority and client’s appointed other specialist consultant ( if any )
  • Develop Structural & MEP Engineering design to detail, as per concerned authority’s requirements.
  • Produce Tender drawings / Working drawings & Specifications for  Architectural, Structural and MEP works to sufficient details for  contractors to submit competitive bids for the construction of the  project
  • Provide information to Client appointed QS for preparation of BOQ,  Tender documents, Contract documents etc. and assist with information on  tender issue & award.
  • Submit all required drawings & documents to concerned authority in order to obtain Building Permit approval.
  • (D) Post Contract Stage:

  • Compile and submit Contractor’s documents to relevant authority for  obtaining various NOCs as required for construction of the project.
  • Inspect Contractor’s site works as required.
  • Review Contractor’s material submittals for compliance with approved design and specifications.
  • Check contractor’s Shop Drawings, As Built drawings, Bar bending drawings & schedules.
  • Check / Inspect and verify Contractor’s work done at site and accordingly certify QS recommended interim and final payments.
  • Assist in Testing & Commissioning of all MEP Equipment / Systems.
  • Assist Client in closing out construction Contract.
  • Assist Client in carrying out survey of the Works and Equipment on  completion of Defects Liability Period (DLP) and inform the Client on  any replacement and remedial action required.
Interior Design
If interior design is part of our scope of works, Design drawings will be prepared / submitted as per following stages-
  • Agree Design concept / theme with Client
  • Understand Client’s budget and requirements
  • Preparation of conceptual design in terms of space allocation, ambiance, use of material, construction method etc.
  • Time line
  • Preparation of Presentation Drawings for Client’s approval
  • Preparation of Submission drawings for approval by Statutory Authorities ( if any)
  • Preparation of Detail Working / Technical drawings for execution
  • Supervision of execution at site to confirm works are done as per approved and specified design


Pre-Design Stage

The first step is discussion with the Client and Architect to identify the need and goals of the project.
Once the requirements are understood, a Design Synopsis and Client Query List are prepared. This is based on space allocation, purpose of the development, etc.

Preliminary Design Stage
On approval, we enter the Design Development Stage, when the following are prepared:-
  • Floor plans, Sections and Schedules for Electrical Engineering Installations
  • Specification for Electrical Engineering Installations
  • Load Calculations

Detailed Design Stage
The scheme approved by the Client is further developed and refined in compliance with the regulations of the Local Authorities.
will have floor plans, sections and schedules for
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting Design
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Protections System
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Computer / Data Room Facilities
  • Lightning Protection
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • CCTV, Access Control and Security Systems
  • Public Address System
  • Airway protection system
and General and Particular Specification for all of the above.

This is an effective and specialized management technique for co-ordination and communication between the parties involved in the Project. With our vast experience, the project management team could be utilised to the best advantage of the Client, Consultant and the Contractor. The project management services provided by us, is the key to the successful completion of any project as scheduled. The appropriate staff with the right qualifications and experience appointed will play a pivotal role from the time of inception till the handover of the project to meet the expectations of the Client.
During the Pre-Contract stage, assistance is provided in:
  • Translating the Client's Objectives  through the Technical Brief issued to Consultants
  • Selection of Consultants for the various disciplines like Architectural, Structural MEP Works, Landscaping, Lighting, or any specialised services.  
  • Programming and Scheduling the project
  • Prepare the overall Budget of the project
  • Co-ordinating between Client /Consultant / Contractor / Statutory Authorities
  • Advice lists of Contractors and review the prequalification submittals
  • Finalising the Tenderers
  • Tender Evaluation and  appointment of Contractor(s)
The services during the Post-Contract stage, include, but not limited to:-
  • Monitor and review Progress against Programme
  • Site  inspection and Safety Procedure Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Liaison between Client / Consultant / Contractor / Statutory Authorities
  • Finalisation of all Contracts and ensuring smooth handing over
  • Preparation of Closeout Reports
The above services go a long way in ensuring timely completion of the project within the budget and to the expected and acceptable standards.
As Cost Management Consultants in the construction industry, our aim is to provide the following services through a systematic and professional approach:-
Pre-Contract Stage
Budget Estimate
At a very early stage of the design process, after discussions with the Client and the design team, a Preliminary Budget Estimate is prepared and submitted for the project. This will be the basis for finalising the project and cost & budget control.
Procurement Route
Another major service provided is to advise the Client on suitable Contract / Procurement route. The pros and cons of each route are highlighted to enable the Client to make an informed decision.
Value Engineering
During the detailed design stage, we will apprise the Client / Engineer of alternate specifications, construction methods, etc. to avoid unnecessary expenditure. All recommendations made will be in keeping with the Client’s expectations and without any compromise to the quality.
Tender Documents
Once the design is finalised, the Tender Document comprising the following will be prepared
  • Instructions to Tenders
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Agreement
  • Pricing Instructions
  • Form of Tender
  • Form of Tender Bond
  • Form of Performance Guarantee
  • Bill of Quantities
The detailed BOQ is priced to update the Preliminary Budget Estimate.
Once the Tender is floated, any queries by the Tenderers are answered.
Tender Analysis Report
On receipt of the Tenders, a detailed analysis is carried out and a report submitted to enable the Client to select and appoint the suitable Contractor to execute the Works. Exclusions, qualifications, etc. by the various Tenderers, discrepancies in rates quoted, recommended final value to be agreed with the Tenderer(s) through negotiations, etc. will be clearly identified in the Report.

Post Contract Stage

Preparation of Interim Valuation Certificates
Usually, on a monthly basis, following a site visit to ascertain the progress of Works at site, an Interim Valuation is submitted to enable the Engineer to issue the Interim Payment Certificate.
Pricing of Variations
The contractual entitlement and cost implications, if any, are determined and recommendations made to the Engineer to enable him to obtain approval from the Client and issue the Engineer’s Instructions.
Nominated Sub-contracts
For sections of Works, where the Client is to nominate a Subcontractor, the Tender documents are prepared and submitted to the Engineer to issue to approved Tenderers. On receipt, a detailed review is carried out and our recommendations are given to the Engineer / Client for final decision and appointment.
Site Progress / Design Team Meetings
The Quantity Surveyor will attend the progress meetings as well as the design team meetings.
Cost Report
On a quarterly basis, a Cost Report is submitted which will clearly indicate
  • Work done to-date
  • Outstanding Work
  • Variations to Contract
  • Additional Works
  • Possible Additions / Omissions to the Contract
  • Anticipated Final Cost
This Report will enable cost control and facilitate any corrective measures required to ensure that the project costs remains within budget.  
Contract correspondence
Assist the Engineer in contractual correspondences to ensure the smooth administration of the Works, as per the signed Contract Documents.
Final Account
Negotiate and agree the Final Account figure with the Contractor and submit the same to Engineer for issue of Final Valuation Certificate.

Procurement Strategy

As Cost Management Consultants in the construction industry, our aim is to provide the following services through a systematic and professional approach:-
For Client Supplied Materials, we will prepare the document containing the following sections:-
  • Instructions to Tenderers
  • Specification
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Drawings (obtain from Consultants and issue)
  • Salient Features of the Main Conditions of Contract
  • Form of Tender
  • Form of Tender bond
  • Form of Performance Guarantee
After discussions with the Client / Engineer / Main Contractor, it will decided whether to include these items
  • As part of the Main Contract Works
  • As a Nominated Subcontractor / Supplier
If it is a Nominated Subcontractor / Supplier, we will obtain Prequalification documents and based on the same and after due consultation with the Engineer, prepare the list of approved Tenderers. The Tender documents will be given to the Engineer to issue to the Tenderers.
On receipt of the Tenders, a complete review is carried out. Meanwhile, the Tenders are issued to the Engineer for his technical approval. A detailed report is prepared and submitted to the Engineer / Client for final decision. Based on final negotiations and agreement, the purchase order will be issued on behalf of the Client.
Once appointed, we will monitor the delivery of materials, payments, evaluations of variations, if any, etc.
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